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3 images of tent lighting

Lighting sets the tone and ambiance for your event. Streamer perimeter lighting (this goes under the scalloped edge of the tent) combined with a colorwash uplighting of the tent interior provides both ambient lighting, and a rich dramatic texture. The colorwash uplighting is available in any color of your choice, but rose, amber or white usually complements any color scheme.

Sugarplum also offers a variety of chandeliers and even rice paper lanterns in many colors and sizes. These look great on dimmers when combined with streamer lighting. Under a taffeta liner we can create a starlight effect with small lights. These add a magical effect as they shine through the taffeta.

To ensure your guests safely reach their cars at the end of an event, we also have really cool light "balloons" for exterior lighting. . .They look like a large full moon!

The photos on this page illustrate many lighting techniques. For specific questions, give us a call!

View more lighting examples in the Lighting Gallery

"Seeing the beautiful tent with twinkle lights made our rainy wedding day so romantic."
-Mr. and Mrs. David G 

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