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Halloween Magic

November 7th, 2013

Sugarplum Tent Company helped stir the magical potion for an elegant Halloween celebration last week. Since the Middle Ages, people have been donning costumes to disguise their identities on All Hallows Eve and this year was no exception.

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 To set the haunting—and beautiful– stage, Sugarplum provided an elevated, level floor on the client’s private drive to maximize capacity for the large seated dinner event. Ramps and walkways provided direct connections to the street, the residence and the rear yard. 

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To complete the setting, several clear tents were installed on the flooring. Existing cherry trees were incorporated into the space to create an open, airy feel to the evening’s festivities. Additional logistical support by Sugarplum included power, carpeting, heat and tenting for a haunted pavilion. 

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The event planner for this unique event was Blair Peterson (along with Tracy Bloom Schwartz) of Bethesda’s Creative Parties who pulled it all together with energy and professionalism. Bringing culinary magic to the table was Washington’s Occasions Caterers led by Joel Wolke. And the master magician waving her magic wand to create the exciting décor was Erin Cermak and her team of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom wizards. 

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Sugarplum Tent Company extends its sincere thanks to the clients and the event professionals who helped create this first-class, magical and memorable event.

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